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How facebook is Important for the Business-

Facebook is a biggest communication site where people easy to communicate with each other and maintain connection with old friends.

It is presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses through the creation of Facebook Business Pages.

Facebook can help to create group pages, fan pages, business pages that let businesses use facebook as a vehicle of social media marketing and digital marketing.

You can upload #Picture_and_videos easily at facebook.

Facebook provides you a stage where you can make your business at world wide and meet with new customers and new opportunities .

Facebook makes your work easy and you can interact with many people with low efforts.

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Benefits –

  • Increase in Search Engine Optimization   (SEO)
  • Create New Customers
  • Effective Channel of Communication
  • Interact with New Market and opportunity
  • Competition will reduce
  • Proper use of Resource
  • Increase  Profits



  • Various events – Discover events,birthday wishes,anniversary.
  • We can find relationship status – If you saw the social sites now days guy or girl meet last night or last weekend is single/Engaged/Married in an open relationship.
  • Discover new friends-Discover new people and interact grab new target customers.
  • Like and react-When people see the post they can like and react on the post.
  • Post on timeline-People can post to the other timeline and also can post on own timeline.



  • Consumer attention-Today consumers approached personally as their attention to digital marketing.Is across the is fragmented across a range of channels and devices. The Internet, mobile apps, email, Twitter and so many channels have crushed the influence of TV, direct mail, and magazine ads.
  • Play of data-Handling the data explosion ,the world wide has a massive amount of digital data.
Facebook Marketing

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