How to perform on page seo? What is on page SEO?

How to do On Page SEO?

On page Seo is all the things we do on our website which help boost ranking. On-page SEO is the keystone of every ‘insightful SEO’ campaign. It a technique to optimize your website page, content, images, title, keywords to improve its search ranking. It is used to Optimize Individual Web Page to Good Rank in search Page. SEO comes under Google Search Engine Seo Optimization refers to both the content and HTML source code . While Doing SEO , first decide about Key Word of the post Url. KeyWord is most important factor of seo.

Most Important Factor about On Page SEO

Mata Tag

Meta tags are the words that are hidden in Our code. It is idea of our website.

It Includes:—

  • Meta Title
  • SEO Description
  • Meta Keyword

Heading Tags:–

 Heading tags are used for the creations of headings . It is starts from ‘H1 to H6’. Title Should be in H1 tag. Its paly very ‘Important Role In SEO’ Factor.

Image Optimisation

  • Give the Proper Name of Images
  • Image Alt Text
  • Page Image Title
  • Image Caption
  • Image Link
SEO of Digital Marketing
  • Focus on Bold, italic, Underline of Important Keyword.
  • Repeated Keyword Should not more than 5 %.
  • Keyword Prominence is also important.
  • Using Relevant Keyword
  • Inter Linking is also important.

Why On Page SEO is Important

It helps search engines understand your website better. It is important aspects of internet Marketing. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most important aspects of internet marketing. While using SEO, there are various aspects you have to consider to ensure your Pages. To know more details about importance visit this website

Use Keyword in the First Paragraph and Keyword in the Last Paragraph

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