Helps in attaining better-qualified leads.Works as retail-centric managment

What is shopping ads and How is work?

Shopping ads are those type of ads that features detailed information about a specific product that the company sells/ promotes. Shopping ads are those ads when a person watch videos or play games or uses various apps through the internet, the short clip which appears on a laptop, tablet, or on mobile phones, which offers the best deal of a specific products/ service it is known as shopping ads.

Shopping ads can refer to product shopping ads, which features just one product or showcase shopping ads, which feature several related products.

Shopping campaigns and Shopping Ads

  • Shopping campaign helps retailers to promote their online and local inventory, boost traffic to the local store, and find better-qualified leads to get started one needs to.
  • Shopping ads are more attractive to customers rather than text ads.
  • send product data with the merchant center and create a campaign in google ads. as shopping ads show a picture of a specific product that the customers currently watches.
  • It creates a strong sense of shopping products, that the consumer needs to purchase.


  • Helps in attaining better-qualified leads.
  • Works as retail-centric management.
  • Most broader presence of shopping ads.
  • Powerful retaining and competitive data.
  • Shopping ads is a lot easier to manage.

Where your ads should appear.?

  • Google Shopping (in selected countries).
  • A website that customers visit.
  • Google Search and Mobile apps.
  • Google Search Partner websites, including YouTube in some countries.

Types of Advertisement ads

  • Display Ads- Original form of online advertising, these are visual ads that appear on third-party websites, display ads are easy to afford.
  • Social media ads- Social media ads having very effective use in marketing, it is basically a banner, image to an auto play video. Social media ads act as a tool which helps in targeting a pool of customers through social ads. The platform used for social ads- Facebook, LinkedIn for B2B sales, Twitter, Stumble, Google+, Instagram.
  • Videos Ads-Videos Ads are the most powerful ads to promote the product while displaying the ads on Youtube. It gives a very effective or educative knowledge about the product. The youtube gain very popularity by attracting the user where the youtube has an unlimited user.


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